Networking with Medical Professionals: 10 Job Boards and Career Resources

The future of healthcare is rapidly changing & employers are turning to job postings & job boards to find qualified medical professionals. Here are 10 job boards & career resources for healthcare professionals.

Networking with Medical Professionals: 10 Job Boards and Career Resources

The future of healthcare is rapidly changing, and with it, the need for qualified medical professionals who can adapt to the new environment. To meet this demand, hospitals, private practices, and specialty groups are turning to job postings and job boards to find the right candidates. The Association of Medical Schools of the United States (AAMC) predicts that by 2030, there will be a shortage of between 40,800 and 104,900 doctors and between 33,500 and 61,800 non-primary care specialists. To help employers find the right professionals for their low-turnover positions, here are 10 job boards and career resources for healthcare professionals.

Health eCareers is more than just a job board. It also offers professional resources, news coverage, and information for all types of medical professions. Job applicants can use the salary calculator and salary guide to compare their salary to others in their field. The site also publishes articles about the future of healthcare and other interesting discussions aimed at medical professionals.

JAMA Career Center is a comprehensive resource designed for active and passive job applicants. Job board search queries can be customized according to specialties, skills, and locations in the U. S. and beyond, with international volunteer opportunities open to traveling doctors.

In addition to its job board, the Career Center site offers news and advice for medical professionals charting their careers and navigating career transitions.


is one of the oldest entries on this list, having started in 1994 connecting biotech, pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare professionals with employers. The job search function is free for job applicants while employers who pay an annual fee can access My MedZilla, the site's internal candidate tracking and resume management systems.


partners with more than 20 state hospital associations to quickly locate healthcare professionals in hospitals across the U. Employers pay a fixed annual fee and the site automatically eliminates all open ATS positions from a company with no limit to the number of positions an employer can post.

Health Career Center

, presented by the American Hospital Association, supports more than 3 million members of more than 330 healthcare groups including major industry players such as Sutter Health and LabCorp. Job seekers have access to the site's comprehensive job search tool as well as professional services such as career guidance, webinars, and a professional learning center.


is a popular job board serving doctors and advanced practice providers seeking opportunities in the healthcare industry.

With more than 300,000 monthly visitors and around 20,000 applicants it connects job seekers to major employers across the country. PracticeLink also offers a digital magazine that offers valuable career advice, industry news and useful tips for job seekers.


is one of the best job boards for finding healthcare professionals. You can search for candidates based on a variety of specialties such as cardiology, orthopedic surgery, dermatology, obstetrics, anesthesiology and others. More than 65,000 employers are looking for healthcare workers at this job site.


, dedicated to connecting women in medicine is the largest site of its kind with more than 11,000 active members in its community of more than 1 million women medical professionals.

The site offers a variety of resources for women at all stages of their medical careers whether they are still in medical school or are taking continuing medical education (CME) courses.


has an incredible database of talented professionals with around 1,52,681 companies hiring healthcare professionals using this job board. Job advertising on HealtheCareers is paid but you can select pricing plans that fit your requirements.

JAMA Career Center

offers a full suite of job search tools including automated job alerts and search functions for any specialty and geography. Job postings are updated daily and represent virtually every specialty practice environment and region of the United States.

Job boards are an invaluable resource for networking with medical professionals. They provide access to a wide range of opportunities from different specialties in different locations around the world. By taking advantage of these resources you can expand your network within the healthcare community while finding jobs that match your skillset.

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